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Advice on How to Structure Your Business

Choose the right structure.

When forming a business, one of the first and most important decisions to make is the structure you will use. A business structure is the legal classification of a business that determines taxes, liability, and other legal rights and responsibilities. 

A range of business structures is available, including:

  • Sole proprietorship
  • General partnership
  • Limited partnership
  • Limited liability company (LLC)
  • Corporation  

The best business structure for your business depends on a range of different factors, including the level of control you want to retain over the business, taxes, and liability protection. Generally speaking a sole proprietorship offers the most simplicity and control but the least liability protection.

Whichever structure you choose, it is important to have clearly written and comprehensive documents that govern how the business is structured and managed, including articles of incorporation, operating agreements, shareholder agreements, and bylaws.

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In business, disputes can arise for a number of reasons, but it often boils down to a question of fairness and what is right. If you feel like you or your company has been cheated, or someone just hasn't lived up to their end of the deal, we're here to help.

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