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Proven Attorneys To Handle Noncompete Agreements

Based in Tampa, Florida, Barker | Cook represents both employers and employees engaged in disputes surrounding employment agreements.

Many employers require employees to enter into noncompete agreements prior to employment. These agreements typically restrict an employee's ability to reveal trade secrets, do business with customers or clients, work for competitors or otherwise act in a manner that damages an employer's legitimate business interests.

These agreements have to be carefully crafted in order to be legally enforceable. Give us a call today to discuss your specific situation in a confidential consultation.

Was There A Violation Of The Noncompete In Your Case?

When noncompete agreements are breached, businesses may suffer financial harm. At Barker | Cook, we represent employers and employees during disputes regarding the enforceability or breach of noncompete agreements. We also handle cases involving non-solicitation agreements and misappropriation of trade secrets.

To be enforceable, noncompete agreements must be limited so as to protect only legitimate business interests. If an agreement is too broad or lasts indefinitely, it will not be upheld in court. When noncompete agreements have been breached, employees may be liable for financial harm suffered by their former employer and prevented from doing further harm.

At Barker | Cook, our attorneys draft legally enforceable noncompete agreements that protect our clients' business interests. By using clear, concise language and terms that are limited in time and scope, we provide clients with intelligent, sound contracts that prevent employees from engaging in damaging behavior.

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In business, disputes can arise for a number of reasons, but it often boils down to a question of fairness and what is right. If you feel like you or your company has been cheated, or someone just hasn't lived up to their end of the deal, we're here to help.

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