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Experienced Trial Lawyers To Protect Your Interests

Through thoughtful examination and diligent investigation, our attorneys develop creative solutions that help both individuals and businesses overcome their most difficult legal hurdles. Based in Tampa, Florida, Cook Law provides innovative legal solutions to our clients' most challenging business, insurance, employment and personal injury disputes.

Cook Law: Experienced Courtroom Litigators

At Cook Law, our attorneys are first and foremost trial lawyers. All of our attorneys have substantial trial experience. Our firm believes in preparing every case as if trial were inevitable. Because our attorneys have taken the time to thoroughly investigate facts and examine evidence, we are often able to develop smart, creative solutions that make the time and cost of litigation unnecessary.

And when a trial is necessary to protect our clients' interests, opposing counsel know we are ready for a serious fight.

Tailored Solutions To Complex Legal Disputes

As a boutique firm, we provide a level of personal service larger firms cannot.

At Cook Law, we take a fresh approach to law. Unlike larger firms that keep layers of junior associates and paralegals between clients and their lawyers, our clients have direct access to a team of experienced lawyers when they need them most.

We include clients in the decision-making process. Because litigation is an investment, it is important for clients to fully understand the merits of their case and the realities of their legal situation.

After our team has thoroughly investigated the facts, unearthed evidence and evaluated the merits of each client's case, we provide clients with every legal option available to them. We advise and counsel clients on the best course of action to take; however, the final decision is ultimately left to the client.

Once a legal path has been chosen, we devote all of our time, energy and resources to helping clients obtain the most successful outcome possible.

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If you are involved in a business, insurance, or employment dispute, or if you need assistance during personal injury litigation, contact the Tampa attorneys of Cook Law today at 813-489-1001. Together we will find a legal solution to help you overcome your most difficult and complex legal challenges.

In a Business Dispute?

In business, disputes can arise for a number of reasons, but it often boils down to a question of fairness and what is right. If you feel like you or your company has been cheated, or someone just hasn't lived up to their end of the deal, we're here to help.

Based in Tampa, Cook Law handles business cases throughout Florida and the United States. Contact our office today!