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Resolving Business Tort Issues

Tampa-based Barker | Cook develops creative solutions that help businesses throughout Florida and the United States to overcome their most challenging legal hurdles.

Protecting Your Business

When business relationships go south, financial interests are at stake. The breakdown in business and personal relationships can cause financial harm to one, or both, of the parties involved. When former business partners or shareholders, disgruntled employees or competitors make damaging false statements or intentionally interfere in another's business, legal action can ensue.

At Barker | Cook, our attorneys help businesses protect their reputations and their financial interests during business tort litigation.

When one party intentionally interferes with another's business interests or commits defamation, a business tort has resulted. Our firm represents both plaintiffs and defendants in business tort litigation.

Whether you have been injured by another's defamation or intentional interference with your business prospects or have been accused of fraudulently inducing a contract, our attorneys have the skills and experience needed to protect your reputation and your financial interests.

Are There Allegations Of Financial Fraud In Your Case?

At Barker | Cook, our lawyers represent businesses and individuals who are engaged in business disputes involving business fraud, defamation, misrepresentation and negligence.

When contracting parties fraudulently misrepresent their financial position during contract negotiations, financial injuries can result. Parties have a duty to be truthful with one another when entering a contract. When a party fraudulently misrepresents material facts, such as its financial position, to induce another to enter a contract, the innocent party may find itself the victim of financial fraud.

Interference with another's contractual relations is another manner in which parties can be held liable for the financial damage they cause. Under this cause of action, a party can be held liable if it intentionally committed acts to induce a breach or cause disruption, in another's contract with a third party. If damage to the contractual relationship does occur, the interfering party can be held liable. Individuals can also be held liable for interfering with another party's prospective business. If discord is created, or a potential contract fails, the wronged party may be entitled to damages.

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In a Business Dispute?

In business, disputes can arise for a number of reasons, but it often boils down to a question of fairness and what is right. If you feel like you or your company has been cheated, or someone just hasn't lived up to their end of the deal, we're here to help.

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